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Satellite-Synchronizing Main Controller-SD5000    
Features & Benefits

◆ Multiple controllers can be globally synchronized via satellite signal
◆ SD card memory
◆ Multiple controllers can be synchronized among buildings far away


Satellite-Synchronizing Main Controller-SD5000, designed by LiteMagic, is used for the large lighting projects in which multiple – controller- synchronization is needed  among buildings and this is not possible via signal cables. Multiple controllers can realize global synchronization via satellite signal without limit on number of controllers.

Dimensions (mm):236(L)×135(W)×45(H)
Housing: SPCC
Weight (Kg):1.25
Power input: AC 220V
Effect storage:SD card
Data output:LINK A(RJ45)
Data input:LINK B(RJ45)
Maximum pixel: Single controller for 120K pixel
Remote receiver: infrared
Operation temperature:-20°-  50°
Storage temperature:-40°- 70°