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Integrated Main Controller-SD7008    
Features & Benefits

◆ Maximum controlling capacity of 5440 pixels
◆ 2G SD card
◆ Compatible with both DMX512 and serial signal LED fixtures
◆ Compatible with windows XP/2003/vista/win7
◆ Industry grade design, suitable for all environments


Integrated Main Controller-SD7008 is an off-line controller by LiteMagic for small projects. With 2G SD card as effects storage, it’s able to show multiple effects at ease.

Power input:AC90-264V
Power consumption: 10W
Maximum pixels:680x8=5440
Signal output:8
Signal output connector:RJ45
Lighting fixture type:DMX512 & Serial signal
Working Ambient Temperature:-20℃~50℃
IP rating:IP40
Memory card: SD card, 2G